System Design and Development

We provide system design and development services on all size projects. We have extensive experience in interfacing applications with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) to streamline your workflow, eliminating redundant data entry and the need to copy data results from one application to another.

Our developers have experience with most major databases and programming languages. We have extensive experience with Microsoft Visual Basic and Crystal Reports, although most of our current development is utilizes Microsoft C# (a .NET language).

We are the original developers of the R3 (R-Cubed) Report Writer for Advanced Revelation which provided a method of producing formatted reports.

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Lester Associates provides consulting support and assistance in a number of area including operation reviews, system control reviews, post-implementation reviews, design reviews and project management assistance. We have many years of experience with system related projects, financial systems, commodities and trading and security and controls which we can offer.

Please contact us for additional information and to discuss how we can be of assistance.