Comprehensive reporting is provided on the trading activity, position and performance, including:

  • Exposure reports which summarize open positions from several risk perspectives,
  • Performance reports which show P/L movement and trading performance,
  • Credit and treasury reports which show credit exposure, cash projections and payment instructions,
  • Exception reports which highlight exception conditions to be reviewed or which require action to be taken,
  • Operational reports which provide support groups (such as traffic, contract administration, treasury and accounting) with information to aid them in their functions,
  • Inquiry reports which provide details on specific contracts, inventory locations, etc. to aid in investigation and/or problem resolution, and
  • Ledger and audit reports which provide details on open positions and open balances as well as adequate audit trails on activity.

Several forms may be produced by the system, including contract confirmations, sales invoices, broker P&S summaries, and debit/credit notes.

Full transaction audit trails of all trading and accounting activity are provided; contract changes are shown with before and after images to shown how the contract was changed.

All reports may be directed to the screen or printer, and reports may be previewed on the screen prior to printing. After previewing, the user may print a range of pages or the entire report.

While the system provides most reports required by a trading company, situations may arise where the necessary information is not reported - if the data has been entered into the system, it can be retrieved in other sequences, in either totals or in detail.

The system files are stored in an independent database and users may access the data for customized reporting utilizing standard report writers, spreadsheet programs and word processors, providing they have the appropriate access rights.