Commodity Management Systems

Our Commodity Position Management System (CPMS) is a robust commodity management system designed for firms which purchase or sell commodities and provides the necessary tools to manage trade-related activities from initial contracting through pricing, hedging, delivery/settlement, final cash settlement and accounting postings.

CPMS is designed for the specific requirements of physical commodities including unpriced contracts (to be priced on an average or an unknown fix), provisional liquidations due to unknown weights or prices, contained pricing, and operational tolerances while providing position control, mark-to-market valuations and multi-currency support.

The system allows management of several types of risk including commodity price risk, premium risk, credit exposure, delivery risk and currency risk with reporting tailored for contract administration, risk (mark-to-market valuations), logistics, F/X, treasury and accounting.

CPMS has been used with:

  • Metals: refined metal, precious metals, ores and minerals, scrap metals, concentrates
  • Energy: crude oil, natural gas and refined products
  • Agriculturals: coffee, cocoa
  • F/X
  • Financial instruments

CPMS is appropriate for small to medium trading firms.

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