Commodity Trade and Risk Management Software

Commodity Position Management System (CPMS)

Our Commodity Position Management System is a robust trade risk management and back-office system providing firms which purchase or sell commodities the tools to manage their trade-related activities from initial contracting through pricing, hedging, delivery/settlement, final cash settlement and accounting postings.

CPMS was designed for the specific requirements of physical commodities including average priced contracts, provisional liquidations and operational tolerances and provides mark-to-market valuations and multi-currency support.

The system allows management of several types of risk including commodity price risk, credit exposure, delivery risk and currency risk.

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Microsoft Certified Partner

As a member of the Microsoft Certified Partner Program since 1996, Lester Associates continues to support customers by partnering with Microsoft to provide solutions based on Microsoft products.
LAI Selects Report Miner

Lester Associates is pleased to announce the selection of Report Miner Utilities for the support and documentation of reports in all our products.